Little Bombardier

18 x 24 cm (7,1 x 9,4 in), 40p. 
indekeuken editions, 2014

Risograph print @ Chez Rosi

Letterpress print @ Tipozero

23€ + shipping
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[…] Sunshine entered our Frankie’s days
Gone his worries, his hopeless maze
His life was fun and his heart was full of joy
Two young children had changed his aims
He gave them toffees and played their games
He brought them presents with every coin he made […] —
indekeuken editions
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LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_02 LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_05 LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_11 LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_12 LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_13 LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_16 LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_19 LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_22 LittleBombardier-Celine_Marique-IDK2014_23

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